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10" W. x 9 1/2" H. x 22 1/2" L., THERMOLINE Benchtop Industrial Furnace   Our stock number: 5236

136 cubic inch capacity
1200 Degree celcius max temperature, 2217 Degree F
Durable fire brick insulation surrounds the opening.

Product description
Counter-weight door swings upward, directing heat away from the operator.
Heavy-duty firebrick insullation surrounds chamber opening
for added durability.
Four individual embedded elements in special refractory cement permit
excellent heat distribution in the chamber.
Door safety switch protects operator by removing power to the
heating elements upon opening the door.
Adjustable alarm over temperature protection (opt) setting can be
used to protect the furnace or loaded chamber from excessive heat.
Thermocouple break protection cuts power to the heating elements
prevents a thermocuple failure runaway condition.
The rear of the chamber incorporates a 0.38" (0.95 cm) diameter port
for monitoring chamber temperatures with independent measuring devices.
No powe rcord supplied with 120V models. Electrical connetion requires
fixed wiring.

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