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20", WILLIS, #NI-25, 1.1/1.5 HP, geared head, 1" cap., 14" x 20" table, NEW   Our stock number: 5579

Inland freight to Hialeah, FL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 500.00

Drill capacity in mild steel 1"
Spindle taper #3 MT
Distance center of spindle to column 10"
Quill diameter 2-3/8"
Spindle travel 5.3"
Spindle speeds--number 8
--range (standard) 130 to 3,460 rpm
Optional power feed rates 0.004, 0.012 IPR
Column diameter 4"
Table size 14" x 20"
Vertical travel of table 21"
Maximum distance spindle to table 33"
Main motor 1.1 / 1.5 HP
Approximate weight 400 lbs.

This European designed drill provides an excellent value for the money
for smaller workshops and toolrooms.
Drill head and table arm can rotate 360 degrees around the column and
can be elevated and lowered.
Helical gears combined with steel gears against reinforced fiber gears
in the main gear box ensures higher operating efficiency, a more
powerful drive mechanism and smooth operation. The noise level is
reduced and maintenance on the gear box is reduced to a minumum.
8 spindle speeds are easily selected by changing two handles.

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