11" x 18" COSEN, No. SH-500M, 13" round, semi-automatic, swivel head, 2016   Our stock number: 6933

11 x 18 COSEN, No. SH-500M, 13 round, semi-automatic, swivel head, 2016

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11 x 18 COSEN, No. SH-500M, 13 round, semi-automatic, swivel head, 201611 x 18 COSEN, No. SH-500M, 13 round, semi-automatic, swivel head, 201611 x 18 COSEN, No. SH-500M, 13 round, semi-automatic, swivel head, 201611 x 18 COSEN, No. SH-500M, 13 round, semi-automatic, swivel head, 2016

The swivel sawhead allows the user to cut at any angle between 90
degrees (straight cut) and 60 degrees (miter cut). The precision
pivot system facilitates easy and accurate adjustment for angle cuts.
The Cosen's SH-500M has a protractor and pointer in clear view and
away from any chips covering the numbers. It also features hard stop
for 90, 45, and 30 degrees for quick angle set up.

Rigid and heavy-duty pivot and trunion insure long machine life.

The blade drive is equipped with the best worm gear speed reducer. The
worm shaft is hardened and ground. Together, they provide quite, powerful,
and trouble-free drive.

The standard blade speed control provides four blade speed (75 to 247 fpm)
that can be easily changed with a toggle clamp device to accommodate all
types of materials.

Carbide blades securely guide the blade during the cutting cycle. The
carbide is relieved so that coolant can both cool and lubricate the blade
during the cut. Bearing guides eliminate blade stress by pre-aligning
the blade before it enters the carbide guides.

Cast iron guide arms are rigidly supported bu a large, heavy-duty cast
iron dovetail to assure straight cuts and eliminate vibration for
longer blade life.

Blade tension device insures proper blade tension for quality cuts and
longer blade life.

Integral coolant system

Syncronized blade brush removes the chips from the blade, maximizing
productivity abd extending blade life.

The operator's control station is conveniently located on the front
right side and is very user friendly. All operator controls are
positioned on the top of the control box and clearly labeled for ease of
operation. The machines electrical components are located within the
control box with the main lockout disconnect on the front of the
control box for safety and easy maintenance.

Work height selector--When the head automatically rises after cut-off,
the work height can be preset to allow the head to stop just above the
material. This time saving feature is especially useful when making
repetitive cuts of the same stock.

In addition to the sturdy cast work table, an 18" solid discharge table
with coolant return and built-in adjustable material stop are standard
features that make repeated cutting easy.

THe machine vise incorporates a full stroking cylinder to provide
hydraulic clamping of any material from the operator's station. This
eliminates the operator from having to hand position the vise when
material size changes.

Rounds--90 degrees 13"
--45 degrees 12"
--30 degrees 8.7"
Squares--90 degrees 11" x 11"
--45 degrees 11" x 11"
--30 degrees 7.9" x 7.9"
Rectangles--90 degrees (H x W) 11" x 19.7"
--45 degrees (H x W) 11" x 12"
--30 degrees (H x W) 11" x 7.9"
Machine Vise Full stroking hydraulic
Blade Speed--type Infinite variable
--range 102 thru 377 fpm
Blade size 13'7" x 1" x .035"
Blade tension Manual
Blade cleaning Powered wire brush
Blade guides Carbide
Blade drive 3 HP
Hydraulic 1/2 HP
Coolant 1/8 HP
Workbed height 32"
Weight 2,178 lbs
Floor space (L x W x H) 107" x 74" x 82"

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