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10" x 11", AMADA, No. HA250, fully auto., hyd vise, 1" blade, 3 HP, 1986   Our stock number: 6989

Model HA250
Year of Manufacture 1986

Capacity--rectangular 10" x 11" (250 x 275mm)
--round 10" (250mm)
Band length, width, gage 138" x 1" x .037"
3450 x 25 x 0.90mm
Drive--main motor 3 HP (2.2 kw)
Speed--number Infinitely variable
--range (fpm) 90 to 270 FPM
Head elevation hydraulic
Machine clamping vise hydraulic
Feed vise hydraulic
Indexing stroke 0 to 16" (0 to 400mm)
Maximum material length 144"
Saw feed control hydraulic
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 220" x 72" x 45"
5,550mm x 1,800mm x 1,100mm
Net weight 2,750 lbs
Electrics 220/440/3/60

Recirculating coolant system, Complete hydraulic system,
Integral roller conveyor with hydraulic indexing vise
Multiple index attachment (1 to 40 indexes),
Adjustable cut off length, Cycle counter, 6' Roller table

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